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Beauty Salon - B&B - Your Beauty Corner Waiting Room
Beauty Salon – B&B – Waiting Room of Your Madrid Beauty Corner

Security and Innovation in Treatments

These are the main values ​​of our Madrid Aesthetics Center. We always thought that when someone does what he really likes he takes a real pleasure in doing it. We are passionate about aesthetics, and so it has become our way of life, but the most beautiful and important is: to feel good about yourself, in full harmony between your image and your interior.

Our Mission

Enhancing the image of persons through the practice of “safe beauty”, we achieve full customer satisfaction, reaching the desired image and promoting healthy lifestyles. B&B, Your Beauty Corner is born in Madrid of the concern to offer a professional quality service, personalized and adapted to the needs of each client.

Founded by Begoña Tomasto López in 2017, we have always preferred the quality of services to quantity, getting from our customers their loyalty as an invaluable price. Above all, we consider your visit to our center as a pleasant and unique experience.

Our established protocols, developed by the best brands and professionals of aesthetics, and the intuition and know-how of our technicians, will achieve this goal.
All our aesthetic services are done with the utmost honesty, always trying to offer the best value for money. Our treatments are totally personalized to guarantee the effectiveness of the results.

High Quality Beauty Treatments

With the support of a long career, supported by one of the biggest leading cosmetics brands like CASMARA which allows us to make a long list of personalized face and body treatments, latest generation aesthetic aparatology such as Radio-frequency , Cavitation, Pressotherapy, Diode Laser, a team in constant training so as to always solve the best manicures, pedicures, permanent varnishes, eyelash extensions and many other treatments, without forgetting a special collaboration of a great professional who performs the services of Microblading, Micro-pigmentation and Tattoos Elimination by Laser, all with the sole purpose of always providing the most appropriate and adapted solution, personalizing it exclusively to each and every customer of our Beauty Salon.

The Beauty Salon

In this space, located in Villaverde Bajo, Butarque, a district in the south of Madrid in Spain, which promotes a pleasant atmosphere, you will find that moment of calm that the body and the mind need.


Madrid Beauty Services

Our Beauty Services



The pressotherapy is a therapeutic method that is presented as an alternative to manual lymphatic drainage and fits into the field of natural therapies. It is based on the application of a massage by controlled, continuous or alternating pressure in different parts of the body in a natural and relaxing way.


Cavitation is a physical phenomenon of acoustic resonance that occurs when a certain sound frequency is emitted against a solid structure. By using a specific frequency at a certain power, the molecules of a specific structure are put into resonance.


Radiofrequency is a set of electromagnetic waves that, when applied to a tissue, cause rapid oscillations in the electro and magnetic fields simultaneously. This effect causes the selective movement of the cells located in the deep dermis and in the subdermal layers, protecting the epidermis.

Diode Laser:

The diode laser is a technology which remove facial hair and body hair by using a beam of laser light defined as coherent, unidirectional and monochromatic. Our equipment includes important improvements in the type of wavelength, in the size of the spot and in the increase of the speed of the shot.

Manual lymphatic Drainage:

The manual lymphatic drainage is a therapy that consists of performing on the skin a slow, rhythmic and harmonic massage with very soft movements that, when performed in the correct direction, following the current of the lymphatic channels, stimulates the drainage of these ducts lymphatics and the cleaning of the congested areas.

Facial and Body Treatments:

CASMARA cabin treatments are the best option in professional cosmetics to provide specific skin care, achieving perfect skin. According to the type of skin we will carry out a different personalized treatment.


Microblading is the latest technique within the semi-permanent makeup industry in the creation and design of hair-by-hair eyebrows. Method of easy realization, quick healing and with much more realist appearance than the tattoo.


The Micropigmentation of Eyebrows, allows to modify its shape and volume, in order to transform our look into a more youthful, feminine and sensual. The eyebrows are one of the most important parts of the facial anatomy, since they give expressiveness and balance to the entire face.


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Monday to Friday: 10:00 – 14:30 & 16:00 – 20:00
Saturday: from 10:00 to 14:00

B&B Your Beauty Corner
Calle Berrocal, 11 – 28021 Madrid – Spain
Phone: +34 919 911 071

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B&B Your Beauty Corner Location
B&B Your Beauty Corner Location